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Personal Budget and Debt payment Strategy

Feel like you're stuck living pay cheque to pay cheque?  

Can't seem to get ahead? 

Feel like you're drowning in debt?

It's time to invest in you.

While a consumer proposal and bankruptcy can be a great option for some, they aren't for everyone.  Our role is to help you either before you decide to take an insolvency approach, or after you've already done so.

Perhaps you're here because you're searching for a last effort to avoid negatively impacting your credit, or you're looking to understand 'what went wrong'.  Understanding where things went wrong, truly understanding with no excuses, can help you identify and correct how you got into an unfavorable financial position in the first place and avoid it in the future.

Our personal budget and debt repayment strategies are customized to your needs by identifying your typical spend, things that are perhaps wants versus needs, providing you with realistic goals to meet, and getting you back on track.

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